Kelly Control Systems has experience in the extrusion industry spanning over 30 years. We specialise in applying state-of-the-art control technology for the optimisation of extrusion presses in the aluminium and non-ferrous metal industries.


At the heart of the Kelly System is a state-of-the-art automation controller. Exquisitely engineered for simplicity, robustness and performance.

The Kelly System can improve and optimise the performance of an extrusion press, significantly improving productivity, quality and reducing downtime. This is achieved by applying proven designs and a wealth of experience to the electrical and hydraulic controls.


What you can’t measure – you can’t control – what you can’t control, you can’t improve.
Are you struggling with control and repeatability of your process?

With hundreds of projects under our belt, there are few control issues we haven’t witnessed.
Absolute control of extrusion parameters is essential for consistent and repeatable process control. The Kelly System employs a unique system of closed loop pressure, speed and position control to achieve this, enabling your business to optimise the process, increase productivity and maximise profitability.


We know hydraulics… How they work…

How they need to work on an extrusion press.

Many older extrusion plants often suffer from out-of-date hydraulics and old expensive pumps. We can supply any solution from targeted hydraulic modifications and valve replacements to a complete hydraulic cartridge block system.

Beautifully designed – expertly installed.


Our team have a wealth of experienced in training both maintenance and production staff.

Our training programme is customised to your
requirements and is a comprehensive course
covering the theoretical and practical aspects of
the extrusion process.


Are you struggling to find spare parts? Plagued by obsolete components?

We’d love to help you! When it comes to solutions,
we think outside the box.


Kelly control system has the process knowledge
and experience to delivery sophisticated automation

systems, robustly designed to survive the harsh industrial environment of this industry.

We have undertaken upgrades on both direct and indirect copper / brass alloy presses with straight

and coiled products.


To deliver world class automation designs. To continue, each day,  to apply proven experience in the design of intuitively
simple operatorcontrol stations, elegant automation, and precise start-ups.


Industry experience spanning over 30 years
Hundreds of presses upgraded throughout the world
A unique approach with singular purpose, simplicity – productivity

“We are proud of our achievements and our record in the industry.
This has been made possible by our professional and highly trained employees”

James Kelly – Managing Director


Take a look at some of our happy customers…

We put in the Kelly System on our 2000 ton Sutton press and we increased productivity and reduced downtime. It has been a very good relationship and I cannot say enough positive things about Kelly’s knowledge and willingness to help. When called upon, they always have a timely response.
Rick Wells – Maintence Engineer SAPA extrusions Kalamazoo (formerly Hydro)

Rick Wells displays the Hydro Aluminium “Golden Wrench” award for high engineering standard and low press maintenance downtime – 2008.
James has a very thorough understanding of the Aluminum extrusion process from both a controls and mechanical standpoint. From press performance optimization to improvement projects, I am always satisfied with what James Kelly delivers!
Greg Johnson / Manufacturing Engineer Benteler Automotive Systems, Holland, Michigan Inc.
I have to say I'd be glad to be a spokesperson for the Kelly control system. Our extrusion rates are up 25-30% with the new control system. I am a believer!
Mike Kilby, P.Eng - President
Dajcor Aluminum Ltd.
Chatham, Ontario
The clearing process is smoking. the production increased 10%-15% with the Kelly System
John Anning – Extrusions Director
Aluminum Shapes LLC, NJ USA
We installed a new control system by Kelly Controls, on our 1650-ton Sutton press. The performance has been improved significantly. The movements are fast but smooth: the response of the pumps is precise. The operators and maintenance people are very happy with the change. James Kelly and the team of people with him were extremely professional.
Kobi Horesh, Plant Manager
I am absolutely delighted with the way in which this installation has been carried out. The testing and commissioning methods were extremely logical, and the teamwork between our Hydro employees and yourselves was a pleasure to observe. The benefits of your equipment are already evident to us, we will be making every effort to deal with you in the future.
S. C. Brown, Projects Engineer
Hydro Aluminium


Want to talk about extrusion? We do…

We eat, sleep, breathe extrusion – it’s in our blood…

Do you want to give your press a new lease of life?

Let us help you…